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No upcoming events at the moment

Regular Events

Celtic Music Night


Our well-loved weekly traditional music session. Join in or grab a pint and enjoy the tunes.

Singing Sessions

First and fourth Monday of the month

This is a relaxed, friendly way to get into unaccompanied singing the traditional way, sitting around a table with a pint or two and a chance for a chat. We take it in turns to lead a song, going round the room. Plenty of choruses, and you'll soon get used to figuring out where to join in. You don't have to lead a song, you're welcome to join in the choruses. Many of the songs are old/traditional, but that's not the primary reason we sing them - they've lasted because they're so good to sing in good company! Brilliant accoustics, great range of drinks, pub snacks, excellent company - what more could you ask for?

Poneke Shanty Club

First and third Thursdays of the month

Join us for two hours of sea shanty sing-along at Welsh Dragon. Music provided. All skill and experience levels welcome! From 7.00pm.

Pub Quiz


Hosted by our very own Quizmaster Paula. Grab a team of between 4 and 6 - or join one of our other friendly teams - and head down at 7pm every Sunday to pit your wits against the brightest brains in Welly.

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